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Welcome to Chomick+Meder, figurative and automata artists. Over the years we have been asked what draws us to creating Automata. While we enjoy creating static figures there is a unique sensation when it “comes to life” and, for a moment, draws the observer into their mysterious world.
We think of our automaton figures as puppets and marionettes but using mechanisms to serve as the puppeteer without visible means behind the movement. A variety of mechanisms are used from traditional Automata: hand-operated, wind-up, and cam-driven; to Modern Automata with programmable, servo-controlled electronics.
Working on technical and complex projects provides opportunities to discover new mediums like using 3D ‘virtual clay’ to sculpt and print parts used in our figures and utilizing the latest animatronics bring lifelike movement to our automata.
Thanks for visiting, we look forward to sharing our discoveries, as well as tips, tricks and techniques though our C+M Videos. For projects not posted on our YouTube channel check out and subscribe to our ChoMeder NEWS-BLOG. Also follow us on Facebook for updates and announcements.
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