NIADA Artists

NIADA National Institute of American Doll Artists – International artist and patron organization devoted to promoting the art of the original, handmade doll.

NIADA Conference and Dollmaking School Wonderful opportunity for artists, collectors, and everyone interested in the expanding world of doll art to experience the cutting edge of this dynamic art form.

NIADA Academy Online Courses for anyone wishing to learn dollmaking techniques from master Artist Members of the National Institute of American Doll Artists.

NIADA Artists Gallery Portfolio of work by current Artist members.

Tatiana Baeva Russian artist creates beautiful captivating figurative art.

Akira Studios Larry Blount – Mixed media and wood figures. White House Collection of American Crafts.

Charles Batte Myths, legends and the gallery of Les Demoiselles de Paris. Exquisite costumes.

Stephanie Blythe Fantasy doll art specializing in miniature porcelain dolls. See Garden Series.

Creager Studios Original Art Dolls with focus on African American Dolls. Videos on dollmaking.

Ankie Daanen Fabulous work from the Dutch doll artist. Ankie teaches classes in the US and Europe.

Donna May Robinson Dolls See Donna’s wonderful one-of-a-kind cloth dolls with oil-painted-portrait faces.

Diane Keeler Meticulously sculpted fine art dolls. Diane offers classes and group workshops.

Lisa Lichtenfels Official site. Soft sculpture gallery, salon prints, and books on the artist’s technique.

Heather Maciak Originals Beautiful child dolls. Ball-jointed porcelain handmade by the artist.

Bill Nelson Studios Award-winning Illustrator, figurative sculptor, and Ventriloquist figure maker.

Forest Rogers Fascinating 2D + 3D figurative art. See Figures in Clay and Forest’s book illustrations.

E.J. Taylor Dollmaking in London. Author and illustrator of the Ivy Cottage series.

Shelley Thornton Cloth doll artist and illustrator. Gallery and example of fabrication technique.

Marlaine Verhelst Gallery of Unique Art Dolls & Puppetry by the Dutch artist – many links.

Kathryn Walmsley Wonderful figures, toys, and other silly things. Classes and workshops are available.

Figurative Artists

Bob Cunningham Meet the denizens of the Palace of Pearls and home to strange and wonderful creatures.

eyedia art gallery Japanese doll art and variety of wonderful art sites and festivals. Very interesting!

Robin Foley Soft sculptured dolls, animals, teddy bears, classes and graphic design — oh, my!

J’aime les Poupées French website showcasing a collection of contemporary American doll artists.

Mimi’s Dollmaker’s Paradise Lots of information for dolls, dollmaking, seminars, supplies.

Amy L. Rawson Artwork in various media including Doll Art. Check out Amy’s Paintings and Digital Art.

Visual Art + Creatives

Beautiful Mutants Gallery of Mark Mothersbaugh’s manipulated photos “…sickeningly beautiful beings.”

beinArt Surrealism International surreal art collective. Online galleries for Surreal, Fantastic, and Visionary artists.

Charisma Figurative artworks by Uwe Haukenfrers and Juergen Peper. Visit the Charismart PosterShop.

Michael Chomick Exploration of the Human Condition. Figurative paintings, mixed media, found art.

Florida CraftArt Gallery Work to broaden the public’s awareness, understanding and appreciation of Florida’s fine craft, art and design.

Sideshow World Galleries of Sideshow Art. Freaks, Geeks and everything about the Sideshow and performers.

Mark Ryden Surrealism meets the innocence of 1950s Golden Books. Beautiful and disturbing images.

Roman Lukas Fine art paintings & figurative sculptures.

Sideshow Ephemra James G. Mundie’s wonderful collection of sideshow & circus artifacts. FUN visit!

Madame Talbot’s Victorian Lowbrow Original Art, Sideshow Posters, Mourning Dolls, Curio Exhibits.

Ron Mueck Amazing larger than life figurative sculptures by former puppet maker. Unbelievable!

Art of Carla Stey View the wonderful paintings by Carla as well as images, blog and links to other artists work.

Kelly Moore Interesting outsider art by painter Kelly Moore. Also check out his great links page.

Eric Kraft Author of entertaining, fictional memoirs of Peter Leroy. “Herb ‘n’ Lorna” is my fav!! “A masterpiece of American humor”.

Pinterest Nancy Tillberg’s photo collection of Fabulous Art Dolls.

Graphic Design

Creative Market Fonts, graphics, WP themes and more! Top design resources from independent creators for reasonable prices. Signup and download FREE Goodies every Monday. 7000+ fonts to download. FREE!

Fontcraft Scriptorium fonts and graphic arts. Source for artist-designed fonts.

Font Guide for All Occasions Links on picking out the right font for design projects. Thanks, Elliot Phillips!

Google Fonts Making the web more beautiful, fast, and open through great typography (free).

Mister Retro Machine Wash retro images PS filters.

Spoon Graphics Fabulous source for design tutorials, free resources, and how-to videos by the amazing Chris Spooner.

True Grit Texture Supply Texture tools for Designers, Illustrators, and Artists. Like the vintage comic look? This is for YOU! The best digital texturing tools money can buy + FREE STUFF!

Animation + Video

Chomick+Meder YouTube Channel We are excited to share our discoveries, as well as tips, tricks and techniques though our Videos!

Hit Film Express FREE video editing & VFX software for Mac & PC. Excellent Add-ons!

FilmRiot Filmmaking how-to with Ryan Connolly. Great info and entertaining! Everything you will ever want to know about stop-motion animation. A must!!

Lost Marble / Papagayo Lip-sync mouth shapes with actual sound for use with Moho. FREE download!

DAZ Studios 3D Animation Software – Bryce & Mimic Digital Art Modeling Animation & Anime – 3D Models.

Aardman Animations Nick Park site, creator of Wallace & Gromit, Chicken Run, Creature Comforts.

Laika Stop-motion animation studio – Boxtrolls, ParaNorman, Coraline, and more. Amazing!

St. Pete Art + Events

Creative Pinellas County’s non-profit local arts agency promoting our creative community.

I Love the Burg An enthusiast’s guide to in and around St. Petersburg, aka “the Burg.”

Southern Living Magazine 2017 20 Best Places to Live: St. Petersburg, Florida. Yeah, Baby!

SHINE Mural Festival Annual mural festival created to illuminate the power of art in public spaces to revitalize areas, inspire dialogue and unite our community.

St.Pete Arts Alliance Serving the arts and cultural community, advocate for the arts.

Visit MFA Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg, Florida. See masterpieces from Monet, O’Keeffe, De Kooning, Rauschenberg, and one of Florida’s most respected photography collections.

Warehouse Arts District Industrial and manufacturing warehouses are being converted to art spaces!

Puppets + Toys + Festivals

All About Ventriloquism Theater All you want to know about the secrets and history of Ventriloquism! Many thanks to Maggie from Ms. Pawlicki’s class!

Ronnie Burkett Theatre of Marionettes. One man, many puppets, pure genius!

BJ Winslow’s Horror Shop Prop maker and effects artist. Rent a cadaver for your next family gathering. Beyond cool!

Dapper Cadaver Missing a body part? Buy one from this site! Science oddities and Halloween prop shop.

Octane Seating Engage with the world of visual storytelling by finding and reading scripts online.

Pretty in Plastic Leading expert in the world of designer toy creation.

Pupperty Archive The collection is administered by The British Puppet and Model Theatre Guild, the oldest puppetry organization in the world.

PuppenFestival Annual International Doll Festival held in Neustadt bei Coburg near the world toy city of Sonneberg. (German)

Selberg Studios Tim Selberg’s world of custom, hand carved puppets. Amazing mechanical controls.

Figurenschneider Take a look at these wonderful puppets by German artist Norman Schneider. Such character!

Alexander Mergold Puppets, portrait dolls, marionettes, gifts and more! Beautifully sculptured. Well done!

Penny Plain Toy Theatres Great info regarding toy theatres, emphasis on Pollock’s Toy Store and Museum.

Puppeteers of America Premier source of info on the art of puppetry. Puppetry Journal and puppet Links.

The Puppetry Home Page Puppet links!

International Festival of Puppet Theatre Keep up to date on Puppet Happenings, Grants and Festivals.

Scott Radke Disturbing marionettes!

Toyco The Seriously Fun Toy Company, from New Zealand. Science and Play? Yes, Please!

3D Printing

ARTICLE – Maker Industry: “What Happened to” Sadly, the go-to tools for 3D makers Autodesk Suite 123d Sculpt-Catch-Make are no longer.

Autodesk Tinkercad Easy-to-use web app to learn about 3D design, electronics, and coding! (free)

CGTrader Great source for quality Free and reasonably priced 3D models.

Free3D Models Free and Commercial Use 3D Models at great prices – for 3D print and animation.

Hubs Order custom parts online. On-demand 3D Printing, CNC machining, injection molding and sheet metal services.

MatterHackers Quality source for 3D printing materials, machines, and accessories – including DIY laser cutters.

Meshmixer clean up 3D scans, drag-and-drop mesh mixing for 3D printing. (free)

Pixlogic Sculptris A fun way to  begin learning digital sculpting. (free)

Pixlogic ZBrushCore 3D sculpture program for illustration, animation and 3D printing.

Pixlogic ZClassroom Video tutorials to learn the basics on working with ZBrushCore.

Sketchfab High-quality 3D models for VFX, game development, VR/AR, architecture, and animation.

Thingiverse Download files and build with your lasercutter, 3D printer, or CNC.

XYZ 3D Printer We have the DaVinci 1.0A (ABS plastic) – we like!

XYZ Calibrator App Simplifies calibrating XYZ printing DaVinci 3D printer.

Tools + Supplies

B&H Video Pro’s source for photo, video & audio. Sturdy Pelican cases for transporting figurative art!

Micro-Mark:The Small Tool Specialists All the tools you ever wanted. Resin & silicone. Wonderful!

Small Parts Hardware store for prototype design. Hard-to-find quality engineering tools and materials.

Online Metals Micro Fasteners online service center.

Harbor Freight Tools Tools for home workshop, hand tools, metal, and much more. Great deals!

Rio Grande Jewelry making supplies, gems and findings, quality tools, videos, variety of catalogues.

Contenti Metalworking Great source for over 7,000 jewelry, watch repair, and metalworking supplies.

Perfect Touch Handcarved wood and metal tipped tools for doll artists and small scale sculptors.

National Artcraft Doll making supplies, musical movements, variety of catalogues. Very handy.

The Compleat Sculptor Quality sculpting supplies for every kind of sculpture. Get the catalogue!

Polymer Clay Express polymer clays.

The Clay Store Polymer clay source.

Save-On-Crafts Savings on Crafts!

Intercal Trading Group Importer of quality English and German mohair. Kits and supplies. Good prices! Great source for cameos, brass stampings, charms, antique buttons. The Costumer’s Manifesto by Prof. Tara Maginnis. Incredible source for costuming.

CosplaySupplies Tutorials and all kinds of wonderful goodies! Great source for Worbla thermoplastics.

Smooth-On Moldmaking, casting, special effects supplies. Good video tutorials.

BHCosmetics Cool Halloween special effects makeup and tips cool. Thanks Brianna!

Please visit and subscribe to ChomickMeder

Automata + Kinetics

507 Mechanical Movements now animated!

Archers Arcadia Step right up, don’t be shy! See the glitzy automata + arcade exhibitions by David Archer.

Artomic Thomas Kuntz Automata and effects site. Unbelieveable talent!

The House of Automata Great automata site run by the very entertaining Michael and Maria Start.

AutomataCon A Convention for Automata Makers, Collectors and Enthusiasts held at the Morris Museum in Morristown, New Jersey.

The Automata/Automaton Group If you are on Facebook and are interested in mechanical automata — join this group!

Automata Theatre Examples of Spanish mechanical theatres exhibited at fairs all over Spain since 1920.

Bärenpresse Intricate paper automata kits to build. German site, find a translator, kits are amazing!

Barking Dogs Automata Dan Torpey’s whimsical automata. Hand-crafted colorful wood creations.

Barnacle Press Fabulous “Junior Times” mechanical paper automata. Free download! Very Cool!!

Cabaret Mechanical Handmade Automata, kits, videos, books by Paul Spooner and Keith Newstead.

Christopher Furman Check out the artists beautiful kinetic work. His mechanisms are works of art..

Dominique Corbin Wonderful handmade automata by French artist and FX technician. See them move!

Rob Ives Contemporary Paper Automata, print out a free sample.

Fourteen Balls Toy Co. Paul Spooner and Matt Smith, wonderful automata!

Keith Newstead The master Automatist, inspiration to all automata makers.

Kinetic Art Organization Kinetic Art group – now on Facebook.

Martin Smith Automata Humorous macabre figures, beautifully crafted.

The MAD Museum Mechanical Art & Design museum located in the UK celebrating mechanical design and engineering.

Mechanical Adventures A FB group focusing on the processes involved in making automata, from new and recycled materials.

Modern Automata Museum The museum contains about 200 automata (Italian-use Google translate).

Morris Museum Permanent exhibition of Murtogh D. Guinness collection of mechanical musical instruments and automata.

Optical Toys Paper toys: Muybridge flipbooks, Peter Markey automata.

PaperPino Creative paper automata by Giuseppe (Pino) Civitarese.

Rolling Ball Sculptures Moving art, curious machines, automata. Great links! Wunderbar!

Skilch Crafts Paper automata kits. Cute and lots of FUN for all!

TimberKits Wood automata kits or ready built models. Customization.

Tom Haney “Articulated Artwork” Fabulous automata, interesting work!

Will Jackson Coin operated machines, clocks and other mechanical devices. Technological explanations.

Robots + Electronics

Active Robots UK Robotics & Hobby Electronics. High-quality robot kits, controllers and accessories.

All Electronics Thousands of electronics and electro-mechanical parts & supplies at low prices.

Electrical Education Thoroughly explains electricity and has a ton of electronics projects to check out!

Electric Circuits Explained Site does a great job of explaining electrical circuits and has a ton of other electricity/engineering projects to play!

Jameco’s Robot Store World’s most complete offering of robot kits, parts, motors, muscle wire, books etc.!

Mondo-tronics: The Robot Store The place to buy Muscle Wire Super Sample kits!

Making Electric Circuits Projects Great articles on electric circuits and electronics projects – thanks Katey, future Engineer!

Robot A choice selection of robot books, kits, magazines, movies and very cool robot toys!

SkyCraft Parts & Surplus The place for Electronic and Government surplus and hard to find items.

Speedway Motors All About Electronic Circuits for Kids. Great list of links for electronic projects and experiments. Thanks Logan!

Interesting + Informative

Artgator Link site for fine and decorative art. Upload images and frame them with their virtual framer.

BoingBoing Wonderful things to know.

BodyWorlds Prof. Gunther von Hagens exhibit of human bodies using plastination. SQUEAMISH ALERT!

Common Dreams News Alternative news.

Google Search Best search engine. Try the Search by Image when you want to avoid long link lists.

Museum of Science + Industry One of the great museums in Chicago. Spend a day, then eat a pizza.

Straight Dope Cecil Adams, Smartest Human Being on the planet. Fighting ignorance since 1973.

Wikipedia the free encyclopedia.