3D Printed pedestal figure

YEAR: 2022
THEME: “Origins” NIADA fundraiser online auction. OOAK 1/1
SIZE: 9.5”h x 5”w  FIGURE: 7”h x 5”w  PEDESTAL: 2.5”h x 3.5” diam
MEDIUM: Mixed media
DESCRIPTION: The age-old question of human origins: Where did we come from? According to anthropologists, humans and apes share a common ancestor, but who was this mysterious predecessor?

Perhaps our evolution from primordial apes to contemporary humans began as an extraterrestrial scientific experiment. Our alien mother’s stem cells fused with those of our prehistoric ape father in a petri dish, resulting in a genetically modified hybrid species, thereby sowing the seeds of human evolution.

This explains the accounts of UFO sightings: Mother is visiting to see how her “kids” are doing.

Gallery: Figurative | Type: Online Auction | N/A: Private Collection




3D sculpted using ZBrushCore, printed in ABS thermoplastic, 20% infill, 0.1 layer, with 0.4 nozzle diameter. 3D printed figure and pedestal, ABS polymer filament; the figure was smoothed in a Vapor bath, all parts are primed, painted with acrylics, and sealed with varnish; stone texture spray paint on the pedestal; white horsehair, beaded trim, brass embellishments.