thm-Immortal Beloved
“Queen Isabella”
3D Printed, Figurative Bust

YEAR: 2023
SIZE: 12”h x 7”w x 4.5”d
MEDIUM: Mixed media
MATERIALS: Head, body, and crown are 3D sculpted and printed ABS thermoplastic. Finished with acrylic paints/varnish. The bust is mounted on a wood base with a velvet drape and tassel trim. White wool crêpe hair, fabrics, trim, and jewel embellishments. OOAK 1/1

Gallery: Figurative | Type: Bust Figure | Available: Contact C+M




3D sculpted using ZBrushCore, printed in ABS thermoplastic, 20% infill, 0.1 layer, with 0.4 nozzle diameter. The printed parts were smoothed in a Vapor bath, the crown was finished with Gold metallic spray paint and embellished with jewels, metallic trim and cord.