“Pretty Polly-Born Without A Body”
Battery powered Automaton

YEAR: 2018
SIZE: 18.5”H x 8”W x 6.75”D (Polly figure: 9.5”H x 9”W x 4.5”D)
MEDIUM: Mixed media
MATERIALS: Wood, ABS thermoplastic, mohair, fabrics/trim, canvas art paper, 2″ miniature plastic doll.
MOVEMENT: Slow rocking side-to-side motion produced by 3D printed rocker part connected to nylon cables. Powered by a reversible 12V DC metal gear motor and 4 AA batteries. Box has ON/OFF switch. OOAK 1/1
VIDEO AVAILABLE: See “Pretty Polly” in action. Go to C+M Videos

Gallery: Automata | Type: Battery Power | Available: Contact C+M




“Pretty Polly” figure is 3D printed in ABS thermoplastic, coated with XTC-3D epoxy resin, and mounted on a wood box with wood plank “flooring”.
Original artwork poster by Chris Chomick, printed with ChromaLife100+ dye-based inks on fine woven Blanco Matte canvas, specially coated for inkjet printing. Coated with UV blocking protective sealant.