“Hermes” ~ automaton
Servo controlled mechanism

YEAR: 2004
SIZE: 12″h x 8″ diameter base
MEDIUM: Mixed media
MATERIALS: Servo motors, electronics, glass dome, wood base. Resin, epoxy clay, armature wire, kanekalon synthetic hair, glass eyes, fabrics.
MOVEMENT: “Hermes” slowly looks side-to-side as he observes the world outside his protective bubble, pausing at various intervals to assess any potential threat. His hands are pressed against the glass dome, hoping it can shield him from danger.

Gallery: Automata | Type: Servo | N/A: Private Collection




A modified computer joystick is used to program a 5-minute cycle of movement and saved in the memory chips; its position directly corresponds with the position of the levers that move the neck and head. The automaton can be reprogrammed for a different movement.