“Bellboy” ~ automaton
Servo controlled mechanism

YEAR: 2009
SIZE: 17 x 7 x 5.5 inches
MEDIUM: Mixed media
MATERIALS: Servo motors, electronics, wood, fabric cover. Resin, epoxy clay, armature wire, synthetic hair, glass eyes, fabrics.
MOVEMENT: “Bellboy” turns his head left/right then pauses, shakes his head in disapproval then hits the brass bell to summon more viewers. The programmed movement plays for 2.5 minutes, pauses for 30 seconds then repeats. OOAK 1/1 Video available: C+M Videos see “Bellboy” in action

Gallery: Automata | Type: Servo | N/A: Private Collection




Neck linkage contains a universal joint, ball and sockets, levers and mounting hardware. Two servos mounted on the board controls the head up/down, side-to-side motion. The board has one servo mounted lower, the other mounted higher to keep the (3) control rods parallel.